fisioscissor kit

Fisioscissor® is a set of certified instruments made with stainless steel medical material equipped with a double operative head.

With Fisioscissor®, it is possible to perform manoeuvres that facilitate the treated structure to obtain balance in order to recover the function.

Each has enhanced features to deliver more functions, this enables to work on the tissues affected by low mobility and enables to reach and work with high precision on fascia anchorage areas, different levels of tissue depth as well as the recesses and grooves.



Thus, Fisioscissor® enables to painlessly treat anatomical peculiarities that the therapist finds difficult to reach with his fingers, increase precision of the therapeutic action that is carried out with a massage designed to loosen the connective-myofascial tissues and therefore it improves mobility and the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

It can be used on all parts of the body.

At the level of the spinal column, it is possible to work on the projection of the spinal erector muscles in order to revive the anti-gravity forces of decomposition and restore mobility of the functional spinal unit.

Through sophisticated technical methods we aim to reduce compression at the interapophyseal level of facet joints and obtain a balance in disc pressure as well as restoration of the “spine spring”.


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